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The First Real Entry

Hey all in this wonderful little community. I'm in a rush to write so here I go, in my first real entry in this thing.

Lately, I've been thinking about music, rock stars and the like. How incredible would it be, to be able to share your music with people everywhere? I'm such a daydreamer, and I can't grasp that concept thoroughly in my head. It's absolutely incredible. I read blogs from my favorite bands and its just amazing. When I do so, I definitely feel connected to them in a way ya know? But then, I just have that weird feeling in me thats saying to me, wow, they're doing what they love I want to be apart of that.

I'm not saying that I'm an aspiring musician, I'm not really, but I love music. It's my life, it's my passion and it's something that I love to perform. I have friends that are aspiring music as a career and I support them like no other. It's a crazy thought when they do shows in front of strangers, but it's such a good feeling at the same time.

Yeah, I guess this sort of random rambling thoughts that I wanted to share. But music is just awesome, especially when it strikes the heart.

Thats it for now =] Thanx for reading!

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