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:: jack johnson is the love of my life ::

sooo this is officially my first entry in this community thing. so i dont really understand how everything *really appreciate* some comments from you guys....

anyway...well im at my best friends house. we just got back from a water dump...haha seriously. it was so nasty. we went with out youth group cuz were just so "godly" HA YEH RIGHT!! haah we just went cuz we wanted to be with glencoe fbc. theyre like our best freinds in the world.

well i dont think yall have any idea what im talking about. sooo ill just shutup i guess...haha

so lets see - i guess yall should know that i am in love with jack johnson and ryan adams...and warrant...and lifehouse...and all kinds of music. look at my interests list and yall find all my favorite bands.

sooo i guess im gonna go eat some PIIIIZZZAAA yay!!

yall comment and makeme feel better....

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